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7 Things People with Dietary Restrictions Want You To Know About Thanksgiving Dinner

For many people, Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday. After all, what's more epic than a holiday specifically dedicated to spending time with family, lounging on the coach to watch football and, of course, eating lots of delicious food?
When you have celiac disease, food allergies or other dietary limitations, though, Thanksgiving gets a little more complicated. Suddenly, you have to worry about things like cross contamination and offending Grandma Marie by turning down her buttermilk biscuits. Thankfully, though, spreading a little celiac disease and food allergy awareness can go a long way in making Thanksgiving a holiday everyone can enjoy.

So what do people with dietary limitations want others to know about Thanksgiving dinner? Based on my own experience with celiac disease, here are seven things that all Thanksgiving diners should keep in mind!  1. Don't be offended if we can't eat Grandma's "famous" pecan pie. I promise, I totally wish I could taste t…

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