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How to Create Your Own Daily Self Care Retreat in 5 Easy Steps

Let’s admit it: self care activities are as trendy as they are important. Companies sell face masks that promise to invigorate your skin and your life; magazine covers share 101 secrets to finding time for self care as a busy, independent woman. There are even entire self care retreats that people can attend to escape their lives and completely engulf themselves in self love for a few hours...or even a few days.

But what if you want all the benefits of a self care retreat without having the time or money to go on one yourself? That’s where this guide comes in! Inspired by a few crazy weeks where self care strategies definitely fell too far down on my to-do list, I’m sharing five self care practices you can integrate into your everyday life to add more self care to every day. Or, you can do all of these five steps within a few hours - or stretch them out in a whole day or a whole weekend - for a mini self care retreat!

Ready to increase the self love and decrease the stress of your day…

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